Available Car Rentals In KMT Global Rent A Car and Tours

We have a wide selection of popular models and brands of car rentals at KMT Global Rent A Car and Tours Sdn Bhd in Kota Kinbaalu, Sabah. A variety of Malaysian brands and international brands, such as Nissan, Toyota and Mercedes Benz.

You can book city cars, sedans, executive cars, 4 wheel drives, sports utility vehicles, vans and coaches. We can also provide you with a chauffeur if you need one.

Car Rental in Kota Kinabalu from KMT Global Rent A Car

Available Car Rentals In Kota Kinabalu

Malaysia made cars by Proton are:
Saga – 4 seater sedan
Gen 2 – Sporty 4 seater hatchback
Waja – 4 seater sedan
Wira – 4 seater sedan
Iswara – 4 seater sedan
Perdana – 4 seater executive saloon

Malaysian made cars by Perodua are:
Alza – 6 seater
Viva – 4 seater city car
Myvi – 4 seater city car
Kancil – 4 seater city car
Kelisa – 5 seater
Kenari – 4 seater

International brands made cars are:
Toyota Ninja King – 4wd
Toyota Innova – 7 seater
Toyota Hilux – 4wd
Toyota Fortuner – 4wd
Toyota Alphard – 7 seater
Toyota Avanza – 6 seater
Mercedes Benz – with chauffeur

For those with a large party:
Toyota Hiace Van – 10 seater
Kia Pergio Van – 10 seater
Nissan Van – 10 seater
Nissan Coach – 27 seater

All car rentals from KMT Global Rent A Car and Tours Sdn Bhd are road-worthy, well maintained and comfortable.
We pride ourselves in providing quality car rentals at affordable prices.

Please note that all car rentals except for Coach, have CDW insurance fee which is calculated on a daily basis.
The CDW stands for Collision, Damages Waiver and is not included in the list price of the car rental price.
For vehicles below 1500cc, the CDW is RM18 per day.
For vehicles above 1600cc, the CDW is RM25 per day.


Car Rental Kota Kinabalu Bookings

When you book your car rental with KMT Global Rent A Car and Tours Sdn Bhd, you can rest assured that your car rental will be handled in the most professional manner. For starters, you will get the car you asked for at the specified price.

All car rentals are air-conditioned, and well maintained. We take our responsibilities seriously. You get to choose between Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) which are usually 4WD, Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPV) such as vans and people mover, and cars. Some models are available as automatics, others are only available as manual drive.

Car Rental Charges In Kota Kinabalu

Our car rental rates in Kota Kinabalu are as specified on our website. As you make your selection, you will see what it cost. There is a CDW charge that is added to the list price, and the total price reflects the price you pay.

car rental prices on KMT Global Rent A Car website

The total cost of car rental Kota Kinabalu is shown on the right

The CDW stands for Collision and Damages Waiver. It is added to the list price of the rental car. It is calculated as follows:

  • For vehicles below 1500cc, the CDW is RM18 per day.
  • For vehicles above 1600cc, the CDW is RM25 per day.

Car Rental Pick Up In Kota Kinabalu

The prices quoted in this website assumes that your Pick Up and Return location are the same or within Kota Kinabalu.

In the event you pick up your rental car in Kota Kinabalu International Airport, drive to Sandakan and return it at Sandakan, we have no choice but to charge for this. In this case, the charges are as follows:

  1. Sandakan – RM 500.00
  2. Tawau – RM 550.00

No matter where your rental car Pick Up and Return location is, our sales representative will contact you to confirm.

If you have any questions, you should use our Contact Form and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.


Car Rental In Kota Kinabalu International Airport

When you are traveling to Kota Kinabalu from overseas or even just to a different state, car rentals have always been a much needed convenience for those here on business. The most convenient car rental pick up location has always been at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

KMT Global Rent A Car and Tours Sdn Bhd
That is why we maintain branches and kiosks at KKIA, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Our kiosks are easy to find and our service staff are always ready to meet your needs.

KMT Global Rent A Car in KKIA Terminal 1

KMT Global Rent A Car and Tours in KKIA - Terminal 1

How To Book For Car Rental Kota Kinabalu

The best way to book your car rental is from this website. Just select your date and pick up location and you will be shown the available rental cars we have. Select the car, SUV or MPV you like and proceed to fill in your details.

Once we receive your booking, you will receive an immediate email with your booking details. Our sales representative will follow up on your booking to confirm the details and payment options.

We have other options available, you can call us, email us or fax us whenever you need to make a booking. No matter which booking method you choose, our sales representative will always contact you to confirm your booking.

KMT Global Rent A Car KKIA T2

KMT Global Rent A Car Kiosk in KKIA T2

Booking For Car Rental Kota Kinabalu At KKIA

What if you only decided to book a rental on your arrival at KKIA? We will, of course, try to accommodate you but it might take a while longer and it depends on what vehicles we have on hand. But we will always do our best to make sure your needs are taken care.

For your information, if you are flying in with Malaysia Airlines, you will be landing in KKIA Terminal 1. This goes for most international flights.

If you are flying with Air Asia or on a budget airlines, you will be landing in Terminal 2 (T2).